The Pinkerton Raid makes an album

We need your help!

Making excellent recordings is expensive. With this new album, we are committed to capturing the energy of a live performance. That means recording in a top-notch studio staffed by top-notch engineers, with the layout, equipment and expertise to capture and control the sound of 10 musicians all playing at the same time.

As you've probably heard, changes in the music industry have crippled bands' abilities to get a return on the time and money we put into our work. Now, more than ever, if we are going to be able to create the best music we're capable of, we need you as patrons, as collaborators, as partners. This is an investment not for a financial return but for a creative return. You become part of making something we think is beautiful and worthy of people's time.

Beyond the costs of recording, mixing, and mastering the music, just to get it to the point where you can enjoy an mp3 or a stream on your computer or phone, there is also the question of manufacturing CDs or vinyl. Some of you like to hold something in your hands, to see what kind of visual art we might choose to help tell our stories, to collect the work of your favorite artists. These experiences are important to us too. Listening to great music on vinyl has become a ritual akin to a religious experience.

Finally, we have discovered there are gatekeepers who help decide whether music gets heard. Critics, bloggers, and college-radio DJs can help get it into the ears of a mass audience, but only if they hear it. Word-of-mouth and our own self-promotion and touring can only get our music so far. Small, niche public relations firms serve as the bridge between independent artists and the gatekeepers. Those PR companies need to get paid if they are going to help us.

All told, we'd love to have $14,000 for this project. We're asking for $6,000. That much will allow us to create this music and put it up online to share it with you. It will also allow us to manufacture a very limited number of CDs and vinyl records for those who choose them as incentives. Many of the incentives are gifts we've already created and don't require any additional financial investment.

With $6,000, we'll be able to make this music and re-pay your contributions. We'll be very grateful for that. If we can raise more money, we can consider manufacturing extra inventory to have for sale at shows, and we can consider spending some money on tour promotion. All of that would just be icing on the cake. What's most important is to record the music and to be able to share it with you.

Here's what our budget looks like:

  • Producer fee: $1,000
  • Studio rental with engineer: $2,000
  • Mixing: $1,000
  • Mastering: $900
  • Vinyl manufacturing: $50 per album X 5 = $250
  • CD manufacturing: 100 CDs = $300
  • Kickstarter Fees: $500
  • Two months' national media and tour promotion: $3,500
  • One month college radio promotion: $1,500
  • 100 vinyl records: $1,800
  • 1,000 CDs: $1,200


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