"Fans of Wilco, Neil Young and Sharon Van Etten will be pleased with the band’s plaintive voices and introspective songwriting." -- CONNECT SAVANNAH

"’re gripped right from opening track." -- AMERICANA UK

"Searing and colorful imagery...story-driven material with more to say than a catchy chorus...[in] the tradition of artists — Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Sam Cooke — writing about social change." -- WILMINGTON STAR NEWS

"On album number four, The Pinkerton Raid celebrate the human race as one community, drawn together whether the back story is in an Indiana cornfield (“Windmills in the Fog”), toasting the art of giving with a beer-garden beat (“Sweet Pitchers of Mercy”), or floating 'Stella Maris' on rhythmic waves of guitar notes and percussion. ... Vignettes that search for meaning in the length of a song." -- THE ALTERNATE ROOT

Live at Daytrotter   , 03.17.17

"Draws on a myriad of influences, from ’60s folk to R&B, all centered around DeConto’s abstract and direct musings of the world around him" -- SAVANNAH MORNING NEWS

"Tight, engaging musicianship...natural, uncomplicated, melodic & fresh...too good to pass up" -- BEEHIVE CANDY

"Perky indie-pop delight" -- MYSTIC SONS

"Wonderful imagery" -- WYSO

"Colorful and dark characters" -- ENCORE

"A touching display of unity" -- MOTHER CHURCH PEW, on live video premiere of "These Colors Don't Run"

"A masterpiece ... the definition of beauty" -- PASTE MAGAZINE

"Bright, vibrant horns and brilliant vocal harmonies...a top year-end list contender? You can certainly count on it." -- NO DEPRESSION"You will not be able to stop humming." 

A stunning synthesis of folkloric beauty" -- AQUARIAN WEEKLY

"Roots rockers The Pinkerton Raid revive the art of the singalong ... with brand new songs about hope against all odds (cough*, 45 and all that), nightly road trips guided by the stars, and chance meetings with small town locals.  Jesse James DeConto, the band's songwriter ... has good eye for a story, wrapping it in poetic imagery. Where the Wildest Spirits Fly is a collection of heartfelt Americana. ... Recommended if you like Wilco and The Band." -- HERE COMES THE FLOOD

"Featuring a compelling vocal performance and melodically magnetic arsenal, The North Carolina-based act ... grow emotional, blistering folk into expansive hooks, akin to a more versatile Bright Eyes. ... Engrossing." -- OBSCURE SOUND

"Love-one-another tunes" -- CHARLESTON CITY PAPER

"Gravitas ... grandeur ... a big, bold, gutsy move" -- INDEPENDENT CLAUSES 

"Joyfulness" -- DAYTON CITY PAPER

"The addictive chorus of 'Thin Places' will turn you into an instant fan." -- JP'S MUSIC BLOG

"Soul-shifting vocals and rhythms...Bob Dylan/Arlo Guthrie sound...earthy and powerful" -- ONCOLUMBUS.COM

"A thunderous turn, not dissimilar to Fleetwood Mac's high-drama work" -- INDEPENDENT CLAUSES

"The earthiness and musicianship makes this a highly enjoyable listen ... Truly a warm album." -- POPDOSE

"With a sound similar to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, the nine tracks are zealous toe tappers that make you want to shake your fanny in pure enjoyment. Sultry, spontaneous and catchy, with striking vocals and instrumental arrangements, this is a band that needs to be on everyone's radar." -- FLOORSHIME ZIPPER BOOTS

"The Pinkerton Raid uses their big, bright sound to tackle issues both personal and political. ... Big choruses with lots of vocal harmonies and horn blasts that bring out the pop from a core folk-rock rhythm section. 'Tolerance Ends, Love Begins' is full of earnest songwriting layered with deep, thoughtful arrangements." -- THE MODERN FOLK MUSIC OF AMERICA

"Raw and honest tones that are brought to life with a vibrant and quirky energy that will put a smile on your face. ... Magnetic." -- ETHNOCLOUD

"Haunting ... beautiful ... the description of graceful ... Dreamy lyrics paint a sultry and bold landscape ... an indie rock powerhouse, with layers of dark textures and beautiful vocals you will not soon forget."  -- ALL MUSIC TRENDS

"Rock and pop with bright harmonies and the twang of traditional Southern instruments ... The tension is what makes it great." -- WUNC

"Poetic lyrics make you listen intently ... exciting new Americana music" -- JP'S MUSIC BLOG

"DeConto and his sister take up vocal duties, delivering bombastic performances of songs that narrate breakups, the downfall of tragic women, and falling in love. The guitars are expansive, filling the songs with ethereal walls of sound. The whole affair is tied to Earth with pulsing, groovy bass lines that sit high up in the mix." -- ADOBE & TEARDROPS

"The close harmonies come right down off the Blue Ridge mountains." -- SCENES

"A glowing blend of exquisite instrumentals ... the vocals come in strong and discerning ... the emotion pulling you from your seat as you sway your hips." -- IMPOSE