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Singer-songwriter Jesse James DeConto grew up singing in church and with his dad & siblings. Like it is for so many people these days, Jesse’s relationship with religion is complicated. “I don’t even know what I believe from one moment to the next,” he says. “But there’s something cosmic about singing with other people. You just feel it. Beliefs divide us, politics divide us, but somehow music, even old church music, can unite us.” “Where’s the star to lead us home?” Jesse asks early on The Pinkerton Raid’s fourth full-length album, Where the Wildest Spirits Fly. And the answer, over and over again, in a repeating cycle of clear-eyed truth-telling and undeterred hope, is simply this: We sing together. Come find us on the road, and we'll sing together.


vocals, guitars / Jesse James DeConto

drums, trumpet / Scott McFarlane

Bass / Jon Depue

guitars, drums, keys / Steven DeConto

sax, percussion, keys / Tony Sali



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